Friday, November 30, 2012

November, 2012

Greetings all,

It is hard to believe that Byzantium Novum is heading into it's third winter! As of November, 2012 our Micronation currently has 326 Citizens located around the world. We currently have 3,798 contacts on Facebook, and our overall Internet presence continues to expand!

The Byzantium Novum Senate is currently voting on five issues concerning Governorships in the various local provinces. That vote will be concluded on December 1st and the results of the vote will be posted in the main Citizen forum.

Overall, Byzantium Novum is doing quite well! We have been able to maintain our presence and infrastructure, and our steady, stable growth is as expected.

Our goal of manifesting Byzantine civilization through living community and a restored, working government is progressing well. We are already one of the largest and most organized Micronations in history. As our local Colonies grow, we will be in an excellent position to build new interest and involvement in "things Byzantine" worldwide!

The largest challenge we continue to face is that of popularization. Byzantium really *is* the "Forgotten Empire" and it is amazing how many people worldwide know almost nothing about it! The Eastern Roman Empire often gets little attention in schools and that is a tragedy for civilization itself. Byzantium encompasses over a thousand years of critically important history and culture. It laid the foundations of the modern world and deserves to be a living part of the world's future.

Happily there is much within Byzantine history, civilization and culture which offers hope that Byzantium can and will be revived. The Eastern Roman Empire is a rich world - and when people begin to explore it amazing treasures come to light!  Byzantium Novum exists to return Byzantium to the world and everyday life. It is an important goal, and one that will continue to be fun and interesting along the way!

Even though Winter was a quiet time in the ancient world, it is a productive time for Byzantium Novum during this first Micronational phase. Our Citizens are spread out all over the world, so we do much on the Internet. The colder months are in essence our "campaign season" as people spend more hours online. Even with the Holiday season approaching things should be busy.

On behalf of the Senate and People of Byzantium Novum I wish all a happy and peaceful Christmas, and a prosperous New Year!

-Marcus Cassius Julianus
Senate President, Byzantium Novum

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