Saturday, March 31, 2012

State of the Nation - March 2012

Greetings all,

March 2012 has been a very good month in Byzantium Novum. We now stand at 261 official Citizens, which means ten more people joined Byzantium during this month! We are also widening our presence on Facebook and currently stand at 2,818 contacts.

Our public communication forums are beginning to be more active now that Spring is here. Our Main List had its second highest number of posts ever this month!

Also, this month we have set up a new Announcement list to which all Citizens will be automatically subscribed. This will be a VERY low traffic list - one or two messages per month at most - but will allow everyone to receive official news and updates.

Currently, Byzantium Novum is working to establish a public holiday on May 11, the date on which Constantinople was officially consecrated by official ceremony. We hope to promote this as a sort of "International Byzantine Day" as this date commemorates a time of new beginning.

We already have "live" May 11 celebrations being planned in two of our local Counties, and hope that more of our local communities will be able to participate with public events as well. This next month we will be finalizing arrangements for this event, and making public announcements to begin popularizing this date as a time for annual celebration!

This month our Count of New Brunswick, Canada retired from his position and we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for his service toward the continuation of Byzantine civilization.

Speaking of our local provinces - we do have official magistrate positions open in most areas. If you have registered as a Byzantium Novum Citizen, and are interested in being active in helping to establish Byzantine community in your area you are welcome to apply to the Byzantium Novum Senate by contacting the Senate Chancellor at:

The month of April will also begin the commemoration for the Siege of Constantinople, which began on April 6th, and lasted until May 29th.

I wish everyone a wonderful Spring, and look forward to our new Nation continuing to grow!

-Marcus Cassius Julianus
Senate President, Byzantium Novum