Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Byzantium Novum - State of the Nation November 2010

Greetings all,

November has been a good and active month for Byzantium Novum, despite the fact we are heading into the holidays!

We are now in our ninth month since our founding. We now have a total of 124 Citizens, a gain of 10 for this month. Not bad at all during a time when many people were busy with the Thanksgiving holiday in the US!

As of this morning Byzantium Novum has 1,560 Facebook contacts on our page located at:
http://www.facebook.com/#!/ByzantiumNovum . We now have so many friends the system only allows us to add those who contact us so we are definitely getting attention. We did put out a request for Citizens on Facebook this month and have had at least three people join from there.

Our online cause to protest the destruction of the ancient Roman hospital archaeological site in Allianoi, Turkey has been going well, and we now have 297 people participating! Hopefully all have sent messages to the Turkish Embassy requesting that the reservoir project intended to flood the site forever be halted at least until proper archaeology can be done. The link to the cause page is here: http://www.causes.com/causes/532756/about?m

This month Byzantium Novum also added two new discussion forums:

The first is the Byzantium Novum Foreign Ministry, located at:

This group is dedicated to the study of the cultures which surrounded ancient Byzantium and it also serves as a contact point for other nations today. All are welcome to join!

The second group is the Byzantium Novum New Citizens List, located at:

This group is a welcoming and orientation point for new (and potential) Citizens to learn more about our community, ask questions, and more. All are welcome to join, and we hope to see many of our experienced Citizens there so they can help new folks make their Byzantine experience a pleasant one!

Both these sites will be linked to the main Byzantium Novum site shortly. :)

Again a reminder about our Citizen Map located at: http://www.communitywalk.com/byzantium_novum/map/543922 .

All Citizens are able to personalize their info by adding a comment to their listing. If anyone is unsure of which point represents their location, just email us at ByzantiumNovum@aol.com.

Byzantium Novum is heading into it's first Christmas / Winter Solstice. Hopefully Byzantium will continue to stay active and gain new members during this busy time.

I wish everyone a happy and peaceful holiday season!

-Marcus Cassius Julianus
Senator, Byzantium Novum