Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Militarium Sodalitas

Byzantium Novum now has a Militarium Sodalitas, which is being run by Senator Marcus Minucius Audens who holds the position of Praefectus Castorum in the Militarium.

The Sodalitas Militarium is dedicated to the study and historical reenactment of the military aspects of the Byzantine empire. Join today - Byzantium Novum needs YOU!

The Militarium list is located here:

The Militarium page of Byzantium Novum is here:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Latin Language Sodalitas

Byzantium Novum now has a Latin Sodalitas (special interest group): Sodalitas Latinas Byzantia, located at:

This Sodalitas is for people wanting to learn, study, read and share the Latin Language in a group setting.

The ancient Eastern Roman Empire was primarily Greek - however it's governmental language was Latin. Latin was also used throughout Byzantine history for communicating with the West, and one was not considered fully educated until they knew both Greek and Latin.

This first language group is an excellent addition to the cultural content of Byzantium Novum, and we hope that Citizens will make use of this wonderful resource!