Saturday, July 30, 2011

State of the Nation - July 2011

Greetings All,

July of 2011 has been another good month for Byzantium Novum. We currently stand at 192 officially registered Byzantine Citizens - we're getting close to the 200 mark! As of this month we now have 2,104 "friends" on facebook, meaning that our public postings are getting an ever wider audience.

The big news is that at the beginning of this month, the Byzantium Novum Senate approved Scotland as the newest Byzantine Colony in our micronation! We have several wonderful Citizens in Scotland and it is great to see activity happening on the local level there. Our congratulations to this new colony!

Working toward Byzantine community in the real-world, at the local level is a cornerstone of what Byzantium Novum is about. Although we have goals of someday establishing a real-world capitol, we will always have Byzantine Citizens internationally. Local Byzantine communities are crucial to restoring this ancient civilization! Being able to meet other Byzantines face to face, and share friendship and activities are what make all communities worthwhile. It is inspiring to see new Counts volunteering to coordinate new territories, and thrilling to see new colonies coming to life!

In order to keep this momentum, I would like to once again invite our Citizens to share the news about Byzantium Novum as widely as possible. Each of us taking a few minutes to post to free classifieds sites such as Craigs List will help get the word out that Byzantium lives again! Recommending the Byzantium Novum website, linking to it, or simply telling friends about this new community will make a huge difference...

This next month will mark the end of the summer for most of us. Byzantium Novum should be busier after August. In the meantime I hope everyone enjoys the season - and remembers to continue exploring Byzantine civilization and culture when there is time!

-Marcus Cassius Julianus
Senate President
Byzantium Novum

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