Saturday, April 30, 2011

Greetings all,

Byzantium Novum has done well in April 2011! We now stand at 166 Citizens, a gain of 10 this last month! This is a great sign that the word about Byzantium Novum is getting out there. Thanks to everyone who has recommended our small nation to their friends!!

Speaking of "friends", we now have 1890 Facebook friends, which widens our regular online communication circle for news and updates. We are also now more active on Twitter, and have had several people sign up to receive our "tweets" this month.

This month has been a busy one for many of our Citizens, especially with Easter and commemoration of the Siege of Constantinople which continues through May 29th, the date of the final fall of the City.

The other big date in the coming month is May 11, the anniversary of the founding ceremony of Constantinople, which was decreed by Constantine I in 330 AD. This city wide ceremony was presided over by the priesthood of both the old and new faiths, and Constantinople was made sacred with the burial of sacred objects under the Pillar of Constantine.

The coming month of May is especially meaningful in Byzantium Novum, in that it is a time to remember both the original founding and the final ending of the Byzantine Empire. This time is an opportunity for us to commemorate the fall of old Byzantium, and to continue the work of rebuilding a new Byzantine civilization worldwide!

We encourage the Citizens of Byzantium Novum to celebrate Byzantine history and also to remember Byzantium, both old and new, in our prayers. Together we can make this a true time of renewal for this ancient civilization.

Hail Byzantium!

-Marcus Cassius Julianus
Senate President
Byzantium Novum

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