Sunday, October 3, 2010

Join Byzantium Novum in protesting the destruction of the ancient Roman Hospital of Galen!

Byzantium Novum has begun an international campaign save the archaeological site of the ancient Roman "Hospital of Galen" from destruction by the Turkish Government.

An article on this situation can be found here:

We are encouraging people worldwide to send a polite letter or email to the Turkish Embassy in their country, reminding them that this is not a sound financial decision. This well known ancient site is worth more money to Turkey than their proposed destructive public works project would be!

Byzantium Novum has started a Facebook campaign to get the word out:

And we are also asking people with a Facebook account to join this cause and forward it to their friends.

Please help Byzantium Novum stop this project! If it cannot be stopped forever, it should at least be halted until the proper archaeological study and preservation recommended by the scientific archaeological community can be done!

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